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Wedding Packages

It is a perfect place to look for a wedding planner who is second to none. Fun Films comprises a well experienced team in which every member is an expert in wedding planning. You just have to come to us post that everything is on us we takes control of everything, from the smallest of things to the biggest. We aim at endowing services that are no less than the best. Wedding is an event which causes lots of anxiety, worries, nervousness and panic apart from the celebrations of something good. With us you’ll never experience anything of that sort; we make sure that you stay away as much as possible from these drawbacks of a wedding. We duly take all of the responsibilities of the wedding and make you feel relaxed and chilled out till the end. We assist you throughout the course of the wedding irrespective of tasks from finalizing the venue for the wedding till honeymoon packages. The decision would always be yours we just help you throughout by putting the most eminent and best options in front of you. Transportation, Wedding cards, Bachelor's party, gifts, decorations, caterers, florists, apparels, entertainment, jewelers, and make-up of the bride, the setting of mandaps and other prime tasks will all be done under our supervision. Every occasion be it Sagaai, Sangeet, Menhdi, Shaadi, or bidaai will be accomplished with a touch of sophistication. Not a single ritual can be ignored; everything will be done according to the culture and traditions of an Indian wedding. It is a sole place that gives you the assurity of accomplishing every occasion of your wedding with perfection making your biggest dream the most splendid delight. We handle everything perfectly till the wrap up!!!

Wedding Venue
Venue in a wedding plays a vital role and should be selected accordingly. Royal welcome by professional service men at a weddingTherefore Fun Films brings to you numerous of eminent and best options regarding the venue of your big day. The idea behind raining so many good options on you is to let you select the best thing for the wedding. We endow you immense pliancy throughout. You just have to pick up the wedding location, wherever it is, and the only thing you do is to name it. The next moment you’ll be having the details of that place and all the required information regarding the same. You’ll be getting everything which you have desired for; we will give your desire the perfect form. E.g.-If you have thought about a royal wedding then the best options will be the state of Rajasthan, if you are thinking about the south, best would be amidst the ‘backwaters’ of Kerala and if you are thinking about a wedding amidst the hilly mountains, better deals will be in the north- east India and if you are a ‘water-bird’ then you will surely fall in love with Goa and its beaches. No matter where the place is, our wedding planners will surely make every place you choose, a dream wedding!

Wedding themesBeach wedding is one of the popular wedding themes in world
The theme weddings are the new tradition in town chosen by the
younger generation. Differently themed weddings are gaining popularity at a fast rate. Everyone wants to make their wedding the most unique one so that every guest cherishes it throughout their life. The most popular themes among Indian weddings are the royal theme, fairytale theme, fantasy theme, romantic theme, beach theme and so on. If you aren’t able to afford real theme weddings not to fret at all our expert wedding planners will create an exact replica of the theme you will always like to have and that too at the most affordable prices.


Wedding Caterers

Perfect food arrangements by wedding caterersIf you are from a distinct part of India and worried about the cuisine, we would advise you not to worry when you are with us. No matter from which part of the country you belong to, you’ll be relishing the best cuisine that you choose, in the wedding. There wouldn’t be any issues arranging the caterers of your cuisine as we comprises of world class caterers who are an expert in preparing cuisines from different parts of the country. The best part is their culinary expertise will leave you licking your fingers till you finish up every bit of it. As India stands as a mixture of different cultures with varied eating habits, you can imagine how the food platter will be like!

Wedding Jewelry

A perfect Wedding is a dream of almost every woman and it is the right of a woman to look her best on this most important day of her life. To add more charm to her beauty jewelry plays an important part. Therefore to make her look the best on this day, the bride is given a variety of options to choose her piece of jewelry. Indian brides are the world’s most adorned brides. A bride is considered incomplete without jewelries like neck pieces, gold bangles, rings, nose ring, earrings etc. The most important of all the jewelries is the Mangal sutra, the auspicious symbol of marriage gifted by the groom during the wedding. To get all of these jewelries can sometimes become difficult therefore our wedding planners can assist you in getting the hallmark jewelers with whom we share a good rapport and are also equally trustful. So that you can get the best and look the best without any misgiving. We will also arrange a professional wedding makeup artist who will endow the best look to the bride keeping everything important thing in mind like the right blend of shades matching with her dress etc. Close up view of precious wedding jewelry

Wedding Shopping

In a Wedding the most important task is shopping which is started way before the wedding celebrations and doesn’t end even on the last ritual. Wedding shopping just seems to be easy and exciting but instead it’s highly tiring and not an easy task to take care off. Lots of prior arrangements have to be done before the D-day in which shopping plays a vital role. No worries here too!! Our expert wedding planners will assist you throughout in selecting the perfect trousseau for the bride. Not just the trousseau we will take care of all of the other things as well regarding the same. If you are now worried about the budget then I would like to enlighten you that everything will be perfectly under your budget.

Wedding Gifts

Facade of Mall of AsiaWedding gifts are something which can’t be ignored. The wedding gifts represent your love and gratitude towards the couple. Weddings are the occasion during which you can shower your blessings and wish the couple good luck for their upcoming and new life through these tokens of gratitude and love. Weddings gifts varies according to person's taste, love and even budget. Silver items tops the list of wedding gifts while some other are home appliances, electronic gadgets, crystal decorative pieces, household items, bouquets and lots more. Weddings gifts arranged by our expert planners comprises different ranges to suit your budget. We offer lots of exclusive and alluring gift items that will perfectly suit your pockets as well as admired by the bride and the groom!!

Wedding Entertainment

A couple spending their honeymoon at a tranquil beachWeddings are something which everyone celebrates including the couple. And celebrations are eventually entertainment of some kind. Weddings are the occasion that should be replete with real entertainment topped up with merriment, fun and frolic. Wedding entertainment is something which makes the wedding remarkable and unforgettable for the newlyweds as well as for their guests. Therefore to make your wedding the most cherishable memory for every guest our expert organizers come up with innovative ideas like a DJ, special appearances from celebrities, choreographing a show with each and every family member with their own part to play and something of that sort. We even arrange various exciting wedding games to entertain the guests and to make the bride- groom comfortable. The wedding with pre and post celebrations, with innumerable rituals, might get tiring for the couple therefore some entertainment tricks will keep them going on.

Honeymoon Specials

Accomplished the wedding enigmatically but wait something is left. Last but definitely not the least post wedding celebration which includes the most exciting and major part of a wedding – honeymoon. This post wedding holiday is arranged only for the couple so that they can spend some quality time together alone. This will endow an opportunity to know and comprehend each other. In order to let the newlywed birds enjoy their post wedding celebrations alone and to the fullest Fun Film’s wedding organizers take full control, presenting best honeymoon destinations in front of them for their honeymoon, making arrangements for the same, booking hotels for their stay, air/railway reservations and everything which they’ll need. All of these with least expenses, as Fun Film’s main motive are to endow the customers with exceptional services without bothering about the profits!
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