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Beach Wedding in Andaman Island


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Beach Wedding in India

Andaman Island Wedding

Andaman is a large body of water with a total of 572 islands with a rich natural habitat of flora and fauna. It is in the Bay of Bengal and comes under the union territory of India. Andaman is home to many of the historic tribes of the globe however, most of these tribes are on the threshold of getting disappeared. Earlier instances taken into consideration have shown that many outsiders trying to get closer Beach Wedding 
in Andaman Island to them were often chased and threatened away so we can make an assumption that these tribes prefer to cut off themselves from any alien connection or getting interacted with the outside world. Moreover, they favor Mother Nature more in comparison to the world outside. Out of the 572 islands, it is believed that 36 are considered as the great tourists’ destination and an accurate place for beach weddings. All these islands have hot and humid climatic conditions with ashen color beaches, coral reefs, and emerald green forests, all creating a rich and plentiful look of lustrous heaven. And weddings are exactly the event which demands such type of great locations as all of us dream of a grand affair and expect to be one of its kinds. Hence, to feel the exclusiveness and a different taste from the usual weddings, couples these days opts for the beach venues. For those couples, Fun Films & Music Entertainment helps you put together a superb and tremendous Andaman Island style Wedding.

Beach Wedding locations in Andaman Island:

Havelock Island: This Island commonly known for its peaceful ambience gives a feeling of being at home. The other feature being the spectacular water diving is entirely for those would be brides and grooms who passionately loves to mix adventure with hearts!!
Andaman Island Beach Wedding
Club Andaman beach resort: Club Andaman beach resort is just the right venue for beach weddings. It’s entirely on you whether you want a traditional Thai wedding or a floral beach wedding. Fun films are at your assistance. No matter which venue you choose for, it’s for sure that we will make your big day a rocking one!!

Other Services:
Fun Films & Music Entertainment can assure you that choosing us as your wedding planner will never be regretted. Our efficient team can make your beach wedding on the Andaman a remarkable and a significant affair as we know weddings are a life time bond which should have sweet memories related to the big day right from the moment you take your vows and do the rituals. So leave all you worries on Fun Films and start grooming yourself for the D-day!!
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Andaman Island Wedding

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