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Indian Wedding Traditions

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Wedding Traditions in India


Indian weddings are a gigantic affair filled with immense colorful events and a long list of traditions which goes on for days. Weddings in India are not a small gathering with family members and close circle of friends like it is in most of the other parts of the world., rather whenever a wedding takes place in India, it just happens that the guests list keeps on increasing, majority of whom are totally strangers for the bride and groom as well. Indian weddings are a potpuri of different cultures and traditions but in the present scenario, Indian weddings are a mixure of the old and the reformed traditions resulting from either the old arranged way or the modern way of love marriage. Perhaps, most marriages are arranged by the parents of both the parties while the others go for love marriages. Usually its said that the bride and the groom whose taking the plunge is not only bonded with the person he/she is marrying but infact its like marrying with their whole family. Indian weddings are common in almost all parts of the country with just a minor alterations in local  customs and family traditions. Although, Indian Wedding Traditions demands a great deal of importance, putting in more appeal, sophistication and grace to the wedding ceremony. No doubt, Traditions of Indian weddings are a lengthy list of rituals and ceremonies however in spite of all these they somehow come out to be fully enjoyable till the last moment of the wedding and if you are looking your wedding to be a complete traditional wedding then Fun Films & Music Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is the name which can help you in organizing your special day in a traditional way.

Depending on the backgrounds, regions and religions of the bride and groom, the wedding traditions distinctly varies from the other however, the main ceremonies includes the same i.e. the engagement ceremony before the wedding followed by the main day ceremonies like the Baraat, the Varmala, the Phere, the feast, the games and the vidai may be with a slight taste of their own culture. By now you must be freaking out since there are lots and lots more to do and each and everything demands your attention, right?? but hang on and take a breather our wedding planners with their expertise are ready for your assistance 24*7 starting from day one right till last moment of the vidai or for any further info, you can contact us. Our wedding organizers are a team of skillful people who are not only going to make your  day as exactly as you have pictured about it but at the same time they will take care of everything as they are your family members.

Wedding Traditions India

Indian Wedding Baraat

Indian Wedding Feast

Indian Wedding Games

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