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royal wedding in india

Royal Wedding in Bikaner


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Royal Wedding in India


Bikaner Royal Wedding

If you are planning to organize your wedding in Bikaner then it is necessary to have some brief knowledge about the place which here we will provide you. Bikaner stands as the former princely state whose name has been christened after one of its Rajput chieftains, Bika, who belonged to the royal Rathore clan. This extensively regal city has been established in the year of 1488 by Bika the eminent Rajput chieftain. This elegant regal city has been nestled around 386 km west of Delhi. One of the intriguing significance of this place is the carvings on stones, clay stands, coin and statues unearthed from some sites that bear the witness of the existence of an earlier civilization - a civilization that must have been started here even before the Harappan period. Such intriguing facets will exceptionally adorn your wedding as it will witness of all these amazing and alluring facts of Bikaner. With all of its attractions your wedding will be as memorable as this city is!

There are amazing destinations in Bikaner to conduct a most royal wedding but among them the best palaces are:

Lalgarh palace: Lalgarh Palace: beautifully constructed in red-sand stone, this amazing palace is a living memory of Maharaja Ganga Singhji’s father, Maharaj Lall Singhji. Built in 1902 A. D., this enchanting palace comprises an outstanding architecture by Col. Sis Swinton Jacob. The exceptional architecture has been an enigmatic blend of the different elements taken from the Rajputs, the Muslims and from the European styles therefore it comes under the category of Indo- Saracenic style. Lalgarh palace is thought to the ‘jewel’ of the Thar Desert and stands as the most accurate venue for a royal themed wedding as it has been charismatically embellished with lush green lawns, dancing peacocks and beautiful blooming bougainvilleas. We at fun films will make your royal wedding even more luxurious and royal with our high quality services. With us you will just enjoy the beauty and the serenity of this palace as we will take care of all your wedding arrangements!
  Lavishly crafted stage during royal wedding in bikaner
Gathering of guests in royal wedding palace in bikaner
Royal Wedding in India

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Royal wedding in Bikaner

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