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Weddings on the churches are mostly Christian weddings. Similar to a good number of weddings of humankind, church weddings have their origin in its religion. Moreover, it is regarded as a type of devotion. Christians accept as true that God has projected weddings to be a device to carry out the wellbeing, contentment and joy of mankind. Weddings on churches are uncomplicated yet full of grace, style and a pleasurechurch wedding for the eye and our wedding planners are well skilled to provide you the right kind of church wedding you looking for. Apart from the traditional Hindu weddings, Fun Films’ wedding planners have also got professionals for church decorations. Since the church weddings are not fancy so for that reason our wedding planners try to keep the decorations sophisticated but in a simple and malleable manner. The bride looks extremely charming when she enters the church fully clad in a white flowing gown. The best man who is generally someone close to the couple greets the bride first with a bridal bouquet and a kiss as a sign of welcoming her warmly. The other crucial parts of church weddings are the bridesmaids and ushers. Weddings on churches begin with the bridegroom approaching to the altar and after every moment as they draw closer, the pastor starts the conversation regarding the would be couple, prepared to get unified with each other throughout their lives and in the presence of two witnesses the bride and the groom takes the wedding vows after which the pastor asks them to exchange the wedding rings declaring them as husband and wife.

Besides, looking after the wedding rituals and ceremonies, and decorations, we also help you in managing other important things like selecting the bride’s and groom’s trousseau, thank you gifts for the guests, wedding cake and catering services however, depending on the region.

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