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indian wedding baraat

Indian Wedding Baraat


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Indian Wedding Traditions


Wedding Baraat

There are many traditions which take place in an Indian wedding function. 'Barat' is an occasion in which the groom enters the marriage venue with his family and relatives. In an Indian Wedding Barat, there is a convoy which incorporates all the relatives, friends and family members of the groom. They reach the venue, dancing and celebrating and are greeted by the family of the bride at the gate of the venue with gusto. The ceremony in which the barati's introduce themselves to the family of the bride is called Milni. The bride's mother performs a tradition called Aarti before the groom and after this ritual the baratis are allowed to enter the venue.

The groom, along with his cousins, siblings, etc, sits on a white embellished horse as he proceeds to the wedding house. The Barati's lead the convoy with music and dance. Nowadays, in order to give the Barat a splendid look, grooms like to travel in their lavishly decorated car. Sparklers are lit as the Wedding Barat move towards the wedding venue.

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Our wedding planners help you arrange from selecting the ‘sehra’ to arranging the preferred rides like the horses, elephants or modern day cars to choosing the fire crackers. We also take full responsibility of each single thing and our planners are always ready with a backup plan. Therefore, no need to be pressurized; we are here to make your day as grand as you have thought it should be!!
Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian Wedding Baraat

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