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Food forms an integral part of every festive occasion in India. And, when the occasion comprises of a wedding, the most important event of a person's life, you can be sure that the menu will be grand and the food simply delicious. Indian wedding, an embodiment of traditions - along with fun and frolic, is surely incomplete without a grand feast. The type of food served in an Indian wedding will depend upon the state the couple belongs to, as in Punjab, Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, and so on. However, the basics remain the same, more or less. Let us know more about the food items that form a part of wedding in India.

Types of wedding feasts:
Festivals and feasts are the either side of the coin. Weddings are no less than festivals in India. The food that is served at the wedding depends to a great extent on the region the wedding is held in. Just like the rituals are kept in mind while Indian weddings, the kind of feast and its variety also depends on the culture and region, so does the food and its delicious dishes.

  • North: In a North Indian wedding, lavish food preparations rule the roost. The guests are treated to finger foods and other snacks as soon as they enter the venue, along with drinks like soft drinks, coffee, soups, juices, mocktails, etc. In some of the weddings, even liquor is served. This goes on till the pheras, after which the wedding is complete. Thereafter, the main course is served, followed by the desserts. Apart from the usual Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Pulao, Mixed Veg and Chicken, the main feast might include other North Indian dishes as well.
  • West: In a traditional Maharashtrian wedding, the food is served on freshly washed banana leaves. While eating, the guests are seated on chatais or wooden planks. The meal is usually vegetarian and onion and garlic are not used in the cooking. The desserts typically include basundi, jalebi or shrikhand. The drinks surely include Mattha (buttermilk) and the meal ends with a paan. As for the Gujarati wedding, you will find the snacks and drinks followed by the main course, comprising of Rotli (bread), daal or kadhi, rice and sabzi/shaak, apart from other dishes. The dessert is served in the end.
  • East: In a Bengali wedding, the main feast, which follows the snack, finger foods and drinks, typically comprises of Potol Posto (veg), Muri Ghonto (non veg), Macher Kaalia (fish), Begun and Bhaja (veg), apart from Roshogulla (Sweets) and Mishti Doi (sweet curd). Talking about Bihari wedding feast, you will find the main emphasis on sweets, in snacks as well as main course. In the latter, both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes are served, along with rice being the main highlight. Drinks might or might not include alcoholic beverages.
  • South: In South India, the wedding ceremony is conducted early in the morning. Initially, the guests are served finger foods, along with the drinks, like nimboo pani, fresh juice, coffee, etc. After all the rituals are over and the bride and groom are declared man and wife, the main food is served. In south, wedding food is traditional is nature and is served on banana leaves, with the guests sitting on the floor. Following the main course, the dessert is served. Thereafter, the guests meet the newly wedded couple once again, bless them and take their leave.
  • North Eastern: Talking about the feast in a northeastern wedding, you will find non vegetarian dishes to be dominant, in finger foods, snacks as well as the main course. There will surely be one item containing fish as well, especially in case of weddings in Tripura and Assam. Apart from that, you will be treated to a few vegetarian dishes also, with one of them typically containing bamboo shoots. You will also find rice dishes to be the highlight of the main menu, even in case of desserts. The drinks might include noodle soup, apart from the usual juices and soft drinks.

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No matter whether you are from the north, south, east, west or north east or for that matter from any part of India, Fun Films wedding planners with their experience and knowledge can meet all your expectations without any doubts!! So get in touch with us for any assistance.

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